Relay Operated Voltage Stabilizer

Relay Operated  Voltage Stabilizer is meant to correct Low or High Mains Voltage and maintain the Load Voltage at ± 9 % of 230 or 240 Volts. Voltage adjustment is actuated by a combination of Relay operation and Transformer tappings thereby achieving an acceptable output voltage band.

Output is cut off automatically if the Input mains goes beyond the limits of its range. On start up, it has a time-delay function to protect the Compressor Motor against high in-rush current on restart immediately following a Cut-off or Mains failure. The Compressor Motor starts only after a time -delay of 2 to 3 minutes of Mains restoration. This function is especially useful where  Power supply is erratic and switching on and off frequently.

These Stabilizers are suitable for small loads of 0.3 to 10 KVA. Relay operated Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR's) or Stabilizers are mostly used in Residential / Small Istallations on Refrigeration and Air-conditioning equipment such as Window or Split AC's, Fridges, Water Coolers, Bottle Coolers, Ice-Cream Machines, Room Coolers, Dessert Coolers, Domestic Water pumps etc. The output voltage is maintained within a band of 205 - 245 Volts to protect the Compressor or Pump Motor. These AVR's are sometimes used on Small connection domestic Mains Supply also where cost is a prime consideration. However, it is recommended to use Servo Voltage Stabiliser on Mains supply.

ieco® is manufacturing full range of Automatic Voltage Stabilizers (AVR's) both Floor as well as Wall mounted type. High energy efficiency  is achieved using selected high quality, Lo-loss materials. Toroidal transformers are specially designed to suppress Noise and Spike generation on switching. Full Digital Control using latest micro-controllers and software provide utmost reliability and precision.

ieco® Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR's) or Stabilizers (also called, Automatic Line Voltage Correctors, Step type) are manufactured conforming to IS 8448: 1989 (Rev 2008). Considering high energy efficiency of ieco AVR's, user recovers its cost by way of substantial savings in Energy Bill - thus paying for its initial cost over a period of 2 to 3 years , making it virtually free later on -rather saving some net money. (ENQUIRE FOR DETAILS)

Single Phase

Input Range

180 - 270 V

160 - 260 V

140 - 290 V

90 - 290   V

Output Volts

210 - 250 V

200 - 245 V

220 ± 9 % V

Frequency 50 ± 3 Hz
Duty Cycle 60 %, 80%, 100%
Single Phase, Phase - Neutral

160 - 260 V or

180 - 270 V


200 - 245 V or

210 - 250 V

0.3 KVA to 10 KVA

(0.3, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5 KVA)

Single Phase, Phase - Neutral

140 - 290 V 

200 - 245 V or

210 - 250 V

0.3 KVA - 7.5 KVA

(0.3, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5 KVA)

Single Phase, Phase-Neutral

90 - 290 V

200 -  245 V

 0.3 KVA - 5 KVA

(3, 4, 5 KVA)


Features of ieco® Relay Operated Automatic Line Voltage Correctors, Step Type (Automatic Voltage Regulators -AVRs or Stabilizers)

  • Available in Floor as well as Wall Mounting
  • Wall Mounting type is provided with Toroidal Transformer
  • Toroidal Transformers are designed with critical Reluctance for low spikes
  • Output Cut-off at Input Mains Low or High (beyond the Range of AVR) with Time Delay on switching on - an optional feature at extra cost
  • Software driven Micro-controller based precision switching
  • Compact and Energy Efficient, Pays for itself by reducing Electricity Bill
  • High Reliability Relays - tested for more than 100,000 operations
  • Conforming to IS 8448:1989 (Rev 2008)
  • Low Carbon Footprint making it a GREEN Product
  • Custom Input mains ranges and ouput voltage available against specific request
  • Long life due to low temperature rise


Refrigerators of Capacity up to 300 liters

0.5 KVA

Refrigerators of Capacity 310 - 500 liters

Water Coolers & Deep Freezers with compressors upto 1/6 hp

1.0 KVA

Refrigerators of Capacity above 500 liters,

Water Coolers, Bottle Coolers, Deep Freezers and all Refrigeration or

Air-Conditioning Equipment with compressors upto 5/8 hp

2.0 KVA

Air-Conditioners of 0.75 ton & 1.0 ton

Refrigeration or Air-Conditioning Equipment with compressors upto1.50 hp

3.0 KVA

Air-Conditioners of 1.5 ton & 1.75 ton

Refrigeration or Air-Conditioning Equipment with compressors upto 2.5 hp

4.0 KVA

Air-Conditioners of 2.0 ton & 2.25 ton

Refrigeration or Air-Conditioning Equipment with compressors upto 4.0 hp

5.0 KVA